Agente 1959 - Maluso (military) x Maltesa II (military)

Relevance: Sire of Leviton and great grandsire of Keberes D via Leviton.

Studbook: Agente was born in 1959 and had 87 offspring in the Spanish studbook. He stood at the Yeguada Militar de  Jerez de la Frontera as did his son Leviton.

"Remarkable", "Elastic", "Desirable", "Functionality"

The Pure Spanish Stallion, PRE, from Spain, Agente (pronounced ah HENT eh) was a famous Spanish military stallion in Spain. He was the sire of Leviton and grandsire of Granadino XI of Denham Ranch.

The Spanish Purebred Horse L.I.M.P.R.E. quoted:

In the 70's, finally a certain reaction was started and a trend to use the hindlegs was initiated. The horse previously described begins to be unfashionable and is gradually replaced by another more elastic type.

Agente, the remarkable stallion, was a delightful sight for many horse lovers who would see in him the most desirable model, particularly in functionality. The Spanish military, proprietor of the stud, aware of the stallion's qualities, crossbreeds him with the best mares and obtains a number of stallions, the most outstanding of which is the present Leviton, father and grandfather of several Spanish stallions.

Agente's Record in the Book of Merits of Spanish Horses (LIMPRE):

Lencera, a mare, was given the award of outstanding. Birth date: January 26, 1970 Code: 001300750 Color: grey Breeder: Yeguada Militar Sire: Agente (Yeguada Militar) Dam: Bengala (Yeguada Militar) Owner: Yeguada Militar Merits: Outstanding. 

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